Photographs of my mother's side of the family:- Here is a variety of photographs, taken over the years from the early 1900's to around the late 1970's.  The first photo is of my mother (aged 5) and her sister Sarah (aged 9), by the time this was taken, their Dad had been dead for 2 years and times were very very hard for all of them.  My grandma was working as a weaver in the linen mill at Redbrook (Hickson, Lloyd and King), the children were being cared for by their grandma Hebden, sadly she wasn't very kind to them, she had never forgiven their mother for marrying a Roman Catholic. The photo below was taken when my Grandma worked at the linen mill, Taylors, which was situated on Peel Street, Barnsley    She is first right on the front row.



This photo is of Sarah Ellen Waterson, my mother's eldest sister, which was taken  in 1913. The photograph to the right, is of my grandma, Sarah and Annie.




The above photos were sent to me from Washington DC, by my cousin David (Watson) via the internet.  They are of Jack Waterson during WW1, he served in the Yorks & Lancs Regiment.  The first photo shows Jack 3rd left standing (group of soldiers relaxing), the second one is of him, in his tug of war gear, and the group below he is first first right, standing.