The Old Man and the Boy, by Robert Ruark  is the title of a wonderful book, which my dad read many years ago and recommended it to Stan, who loved it so much he bought his own copy.

It is a true story based in North Carolina and charts the story of the old man (grandad) and the boy (grandson).  The old man teaches the boy how to fish and hunt, in each chapter, he is teaching his grandson the lessons of life, although the boy does not realise it until he has grown up

When our grandson, Kieron,  was born, Stan could not wait until he was old enough for him to take him fishing for trout, Stan taught Kieron how to tie his own flies and have the patience to sit at the water side, waiting for his first catch.  Kieron was five years old, when the great day arrived.

My brother John (Unc to Kieron) is a countryman and he took up game shooting again, this encouraged Stan to do the same and once again when Kieron was old enough he started game shooting too.

Each and everyone of us has a special relationship with our grandchildren, but I am just stating a fact that I have never known a bond such as that which Kieron and Stan has, it was forged on the day he was born and has grown from strength to strength over the years.





Kieron aged seven, practising his fly tying, ready to go fishing with his grandad.

Fishing came before the shooting (because of the age restriction), here are some photographs of the happy times, which grandad, grandson and sometimes Unc have spent together, enjoying the "countrylife"



Below, the one which didn't get away.

The "Old Man with his "Boy"

Kieron winning the World Junior Clay Shooting Championship in Mississippi, USA - Summer 2005

Here is the sequel to "The Old Man and the Boy".

The years have flown by and Kieron is now a young man, last December Stan took him up to Cumbria for a day's shooting, a friend of his has his own shoot and he invited Kieron to join them.  Stan could not take part because he isn't as mobile as he was.

He has grown into a fine young man of eighteen.

He is reading classics at Downing College, Cambridge and whilst we do not see him as often, Kieron keeps in touch by phone and we have a great deal of laughs with him.  Kieron gained a 2.1 Degree in Classics from Downing College, Cambridge.  He is now working as an Investment Banker in London.  Kieron worked at the bank for three years, but the longing to be back in the country was too strong.  He now teaches, Classics i.e. Latin, Greek and Ancient History at a private school in the Midlands.

Full circle............. The Boy is taking The Old Man fishing in Scotland, later this year, doing the driving.   Where has the time gone?