Hello Mary,
                  Thanks for your e-mail, quite a surprise. As you are seeing Barry soon I just thought I would send you this picture of the class we were in, I believe it was 5a 48/49, before we both went to BHGS. You may visually remember me, I'm the big fella in the middle, and I believe most of the people mentioned are in it. I was given this picture by Winnie Fearon, as was, who I contacted through Friends Reunited, as I also did Barry. Maybe he'd like to see the photo. The last person I saw from the photo was during a visit to my sister in Athersley North a few years back and Connie Hirst was running the fish and chip shop just down the road from my sisters. I have a list supplied by Winnie of most of the names which I'll let you have when I find it.       
             I'll be in touch later with a couple of BHGS photos which may be of interest. For now all the best, and thanks for running a site like that. Tom.
PS. Mr Bassender was probably my fabourite teacher through all my schooling.


School Days

Cyril Townsend

2 Billy Houghton  Trevor Tindall Douglas Cooke Paul Farrell Eric Beachill
Peter Fishwick Maurice Redford Graham Bessant 10 David Duerden 11 Edna Robinson 12 Pamela Thorpe

13 Mary Feeley

14 Christine Atherton 15 Marion Smith 16 Marion Robinson 17 Betty Beachill 18 Frances Pashley
19 Eva Wright 20 Dennis Clay 21 Joan Atkinson 22 Anne Wolstenholme 23 Iris Wilkinson 24 Lorraine Thompson
25 Eunice Daley 26 Sylvia Mathers 27 Mavis Exley 28 Janet Hobson 29 Pauline Sykes 30 Maureen Hirst
31Melvin Harston 32 Bobby Kent 33 Verdun Brown 34 Gerald Blower 35 Geoffrey Wainwright 36 Barry Grice

T1 Mr.Sykes


T2 Mr. Eagle

Littleworth Junior School ~ Class 4a ~ 1948/1949 ~ above

Class 3a Littleworth School 1947, this was our school trip, going to Rockley for the day, fishing for tiddlers and a very happy day it was too.  Our teacger was Miss Mosby, she was a lovely lady.  It is difficult to name everyone, to the left is Joan Milburn, sticking her fishing rod into the ground.  Geoffrey Wainwright is the first left holding a jam jar, others are Betty Beachill, Edna Robinson, Christine Atherton, Douglas Cook, Alan Bennett, Pat Hutchinson, Graham Bessant, Anne Wolstenholme, she is between me (eating) and my life long friend, Pam Thorpe (now Fisher)

Littleworth Junior School - 1949.  Every year there was a festival held at the Alhambra in which local schools took part.  Our school had a production of "Bluebeard".  I was a slave girl (the story of my life).

The names are not in order, have been provided by my friend Pam Fisher (Thorpe)

Mavis Shepherd, Margaret Holland, Leslie Darren, Betty Jepson, Geoffrey Sidebottom, Frances Pashley, Mary Feeley (arrow) Pam Thorpe, Barry Grice, Marlene Hunter, Barry Swann, Geoffrey Wainwright, Connie Hirst, Anne Wolstenholme and Barry Hobson.  The lad sitting on the chair is Barrymore Bates (he played "Bluebeard")


The above photo was kindly sent to me by Trevor Brown, it is  the cricket team of Littleworth School, taken around the same time as the photograph above.  Trevor is standing between Mr Sykes the Headmaster and Mr Eagle, I also recognise Bobby Kent, sitting next to Dennis Clay who is wearing the cricket pads.

If you recognise anyone else in the photograph, I should be very grateful if you would send me the names.

Barnsley Girls' High School.

Thank you to the person who kindly sent  me the photograph below, I understand it was taken in the late 1940's.  I started BGHS in 1950. I recognise Miss Baldwin, the Headmistress.  Constance Dorothy Mary Baldwin, to give her, her full name, a very nice lady she was too, I have often wondered what happened to her.


Barnsley Girls High 1951


Photograph and names supplied by Jacqueline Starin ( nee Bird)


I am sorry, this photograph is in cyberspace, I shall find it. - Mary.

Margaret Seaman Betty Ward M. Westnedge Helen Walshaw Margaret Watling 6 Rita Hirst 
Brenda Naylor Diane Williamson Dorothy Idle 10 Jean Derbyshire 11 Yvonne Porter 12 Jean Taylor
13 Anne Wood 14 Christine Senior 15 M.
16 Pauline Stinson 17 J. Murray 18 J. Mackay
19 Evelyn Carter 20 Pat Clayton 21 Joan Dickens 22 Jacqueline Bird 23 Margaret Cawley 24 J.M. Smith
25 Mary Duffy 26 J. Rhodes 27 B. Shepard 28 Christine Heaton 29 Kathleen Allsopp 30 Anne Lickiss

The above photo is a puny little thing, it was taken at Barnsley Girls' High School in 1952

Form 1VB - Barnsley Girls' High School, Barnsley - June 1954

The back of the photograph is signed by Jean Utley, Marian Faunt, Janet Horne, Janet Mary Utley, Barbara Firth, Gillian Shaw, Anne D. Ball, Rita Hirst, Pat Chilvers, Celia Kendrick, Eileen Walmsley, Cynthia Priestley, Maureen Kiggin, Mary Haigh, Elsie Robinson, Shirley J. Roche, Maureen R. Hirst and Susan Margaret Ward. Our form teacher was Miss Darbyshire.

The photograph below was taken on the 18th June 1955, shortly before I left school, first left is Janet Horne, middle Cynthia Priestley and Mary Feeley.



Holgate Grammar School 1946~1947

Photograph supplied by

Stan Lipscombe  

1 Donald Wearmouth 2 Doug Lovatt Malcolm Lang 4 Phil Hunt 5 George Northern 6  Eddie Hunt
Clifford Jukes Albert Allen Geoff Ines 10 Roy Kirk 11 Brian Llewellyn 12 Barry Jackson
13 Ken Hornshaw 14 Gordon Jackson 15 Philip King 16 Terry Jones 17 Terry Hinchlilffe 18  Edwin Legard
19 Raymond Ibbotson 20 Peter Hulme 21 John Mann 22 Maurice Lowings 23 Trevor Moxon 24 Brian Lewis
25 Ken Mitchell 26 David Maxfield 27 Arthur Heeley

28 Mr Jack Livesey 

(played rugby for Barnsley)

29 Stan Lipscombe  30 Brian Marfleet
31 Ken Himsworth

Dear Mary. Really enjoyed your web site. Being born in Cudworth in 1931 the photos brought back a lot of memories.I have only one photo of my time at Barnsley grammar school. Remove4 in 1946, unfortunately, moving from the area I dont have any names to add. Prior to this I was at Littleworth and being during the war, my main recollection is drawing posters etc to raise funds to buy a spitfire!   Best regards Eric Whitehead.



Holgate Grammar School ~ 1948-49

Photograph supplied by Stan Lipscombe


1 George Northern 2 Eric Watling 3 ? 4 Philip Hunt 5 Philip King Bernard Harrison
7 Derek Clarke Colin Goulding John Harrison 10 Michael Parkinson 11 Geoff Burkinshaw 12 John Mann
13 Philip Hartley 14 Edwin Legard 15 Michael Brown 16 Geoff Power 17 Michael Rhodes 18  Barry Jackson
19 ?  20 Mike Greenwood 21 Brian Pankhurst 22 Trevor Cooper 23 Barry Haigh 24 Terry Jones
25 Stanley Lipscombe 26 Peter Halstead 27 Harry Frost.
Michael Parkinson, aged 11 at Holgate Grammar School, Barnsley.


Barnsley Grammar School ~ 1947





Dear  Mary,

This is my Grammar School photo of Form Remove 2 of October 1946.  I'm not
at all sure of most of the names, by now, but I've tried to fill in as many
as I can, as follows:-

  • Front Row; left to Right,  Scott, Tattershall, Hirst, Grayson(Form Master), Saunders ,Sykes, Booth,Green.
  • Row 2;   Maynard, Proctor, Hayes, Turton, Ibberson, Dawson, Wainwright, Horne.
  • Row 3, Latcham, Jubb, Herring, Charlton ,Armitage, Lake, Walsh, Walker.
  • Back Row , Walshaw, Sutcliffe, Edgar, Hibbard, Rhodes, Eric Halstead



    Here's the Barnsley Technical School photo taken December 1947 (I forget the
    Form number).  Again, most of the names escape me.

    Bill Edgar            ?            Batty(?)            ?            ?
    Tony Berry        ?            Adrian Bell (Wilthorpe)
            ?                    ?        Roy Wilson    Joh Mason        ?
    Hirst(?)        Holden        ?            ?            ?
            ?            ?            ?            ?            Frank Hook (from
    master)        ?            ?            ?    George Sellers
                    Halliday(?)            ?
    Paddy Finlow        ?

    Adrian Bell  lived near my Grandma's on Queensway, Wilthorpe.
    George & Jimmy Sellers were well known twins (Jimmy must have been absent
    that day) and they emigrated to Australia, soon after this photo.

    Incidentally, other characters I recall from Wilthorpe were Roger Wainright
    (Roland Road), Geoff Lewis (Queens Drive) and Peter Buttery (Queens Drive).
       Another good friend was Stan Bulmer who
    went on to become "Stan plus Stan2 Photography".


    Both the above photographs were kindly supplied by Bill Edgar.

    Kindly provided by Peter Dallas - below

  • Hello,
    I have enjoyed looking at your site it is excellent. I was born in Upton and my father was born in Wombwell. I spent a lot of time in Barnsley in my younger days dancing, socialising, shopping, and for a while working as a surveyor for the Ordnance Survey. My office was at the Carlton Road government offices - if you could call them offices as they were nissen huts!
    I looked at your photographs of the Grammar School and other schools and wondered if some photos I have are relevant to your site. Initially I was looking to see if there was a Barnsley Grammar School website but there is not as you will be aware. I went to Hemsworth Grammar School and they have a great site.
    My dad went to the grammar school and I have attached a photo from about 1927. He was Joseph Dallas and is on the middle row, 2nd from the right. I do not know anyone else in the photo except the teacher whom I spotted on a photo from Michael Parkinson's autobiography which was taken about 20 years later. Parky names him as Hubert Haigh and you can tell he is the same person, particularly from the ears! I have attached a copy of this photo taken from a review of the autobiography in a magazine.

    If you are able to show these photos on your schooldays section that would be great. However I am not sure about the copyright situation with Parky's photo. It would be great if someone could name other people in my photo and maybe have some knowledge of my dad.


    If you are interested I have a couple of other relevant photos. One is of John Street Council School, Wombwell taken in 1921 - again with my dad on it aged 10. Another is of my dad's cousin, Margaret E S Dallas who was a teacher at Barnsley Girls High School in the 40's or 50's. She died in 2004 in Liverpool.


    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Peter Dallas (now retired and living in Knaresborough)

    Many thanks for replying to my email. I am delighted that you wish to post my photographs on your website. You may also put my email on your site.
    I have attached two more photos:



    1. Margaret Edwina Scott Dallas who never married. She was born in Wombwell in 1924 and died in Liverpool in 2004. She taught at Barnsley Girls High School, Greenhead High School, Huddersfield and Southport Girls High School. She was General Adviser & Inspector of Schools in Liverpool until she retired in 1984.   


    2. John Street Council School 1921. My dad, Joseph Eric Dallas, is on the second row down, third from the right. He was born in Wombwell in 1911 and died in 1986 in Pontefract.


    My dad's brothers, Robert Washington Dallas 1906-1978, William Gordon Dallas 1909-1985, and Brian Scott Dallas 1914-1996 also went to Barnsley Grammar School.


    I shall follow your website with interest. It is fascinating and there is so much on it that brings back memories.


    Kind regards,



     No 1

  • No 2

  • No 1 - Miss Margaret Dallas

  • No 2 - John Street Council School, Wombwell 1921






    This picture is of the teachers at Park Road Junior School, I think around 1960, for maybe some of you that went to that school. From left to right Miss Smith, Mrs Madsen?, Mr Hutchison (Headmaster) Miss Thatcher and Mr Hurst ~

    The above photo was kindly sent to me by Angela Hanson (see entry in Guest Book)