Kieron was born on the 15 April 1989

 This photo was taken one of the times we took Kieron to our caravan, I sneaked into his bedroom with the camera.

  Kieron aged 2 years old.





Kieron aged 3 years, this photo was taken at the gates of Houghton Main Colliery, on the 1 October 1992.  Houghton Main was one of the last mines to be closed.    He is wearing my dad's Safety Hat, which had seen many years service at Barnsley Main and Barrow Collieries.   Dad gave it to me, when he retired in 1977

Four generations, Kieron sitting on his great grandma's knee, he called her Nan, he used to get confused having two grandma's.

The dog looking on, is Sam, she was supposed to be a pedigree labrador puppy, something, went wrong somewhere!!!!!.  She was a lovely natured dog and Kieron loved her.  Sam was short for Samantha.




  Growing up aged 6 

  In Silkstone Woods with his labrador, Bob and his mum's dog Max, they are twins and daft as brushes, but beautiful, with lovely natures.

 The one which didn't get away.


Stan taught him to tie his own flies at a young age, he was thrilled to bits when he caught his first trout, with one of his own flies.


Here is a beaker which he bought for Stan for the Millenium.

  In Silkstone Woods, Summer 2002

   Meg guarding Kieron at Grandma & Grandad's.


This photo of Kieron was taken in September 2005, at Repton School.





"The Old Man and The Boy"

Kieron and Stan have a very close relationship, Stan is a "countryman" and Kieron is following in his Grandad's footsteps.  They spend a week in Scotland in December, for a week's hunting together with my brother John.

"The Old Man and the Boy",  a book written by Robert Ruack is based in North Carolina, it is a wonderful true story, and charts the adventures of a Grandson and Grandad.  Every experience which they share, has a lesson for the "boy", although he does not realise it at the time, Grandad teaches him the philosophy of life, whilst enjoying being together.


 Shooting (Clay Pigeon) 

Kieron has won the Junior Sporting Gun Clubman Championship for Great Britain. Prizes are, a Winchester 12 bore shotgun, 1000 cartridges, a Hull Cartridge Skeet Vest, a cup and a bottle of champagne.

Not only that he came second overall in the competition. (all classes-all ages)

Kieron with one of his prizes

photo taken outside Kieron's home in Staffordshire, with Grandad (sun glasses perched on head)


25 August 2003

I know I am boasting, but I cannot help it
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The music is ""Eagle"" ~ composer unknown




Early one morning, before the sun was rising, Kieron, waiting for his grandad to take him to Cumbria. 2 December 2004.

Kieron is TOP Junior in the UK for shooting.



Kieron (bottom corner of the picture), with the successful applicants to Oxbridge, subject to A level results this summer.

He is hoping to go to Downing College, Cambridge, to read classics.

We are very proud that Kieron gained 4 straight A's in Latin, Greek, Biology and Chemistry, plus an extra Latin exam, this summer.


He is now reading classics at Downing College, Cambridge University.