od friend Carol has been kind enough to lend me these photos of Old  Barnsley.

St. Peter's Catholic School - 1919


The Ritz Cinema was a beautiful art deco building, it was classed as the poshest picture house in Barnsley.  I used to love to go

there, the commissionaires were resplendent in their uniforms, always ready to guide picture goers to where they wanted to be.

It was a rare treat to go into the "circle" because it was more expensive.  When I was eighteen I was pulled up by one these uniformed men, they questioned my age, saying that I was too young to see a particular film, I was so embarrassed.  I was allowed in, I wouldn't mind now being told that I am too young to see a film.  It was such a shame when the Ritz closed down and was eventually demolished, another landmark of Barnsley gone.



Pinfold Steps, adjoining Westgate and Shambles Street, Barnsley.  I used to love playing on these steps with my cousins, Jack and Tony.  I got many a spell in my backside sliding down the "bannister", I never learned.  To the top right of this photo, there were still a few folds (pens) for the sheep, which were ready to go to Market, they were a bit dilapilated by the time I was a child, but very interesting.  Another old "gem" of Barnsley, gone.   On the left of the photo there were a couple of houses, one of which, my friend's grandma lived, I can remember seeing washing hanging out on the clothes line, no tumble dryers in those days.

I am trying to remember who owned the the warehouse on the top left of this photo.


I would love to know what "Joy Week" was, I have seen it mentioned in the Barnsley Chronicle recently, it was in the section, "What happened in Barnsley 75 years ago".

Below, The Odeon Cinema, it was orginally called The Empire, Eldon Street, Barnsley

I think this photograph was taken on Cheapside, if anyone thinks I am wrong please will you let me know.  The caption on the

photo says General Booth saying farewell to the Mayor of Barnsley.

This is a very old photo as you will see from the date, it is a mascot to the Barnsley F.C 1909/10.  I wonder what became of it.


The photograph below is the Ebenezar Church, Sheffield Road, Barnsley.  A colleague of mine was married there in 1959,

shortly afterwards, the church was demolished.  It was situated on the junction between Sheffield Road and Doncaster Road.




I wonder if these two are brother and sister.

This photograph was taken outside Mark Street Central School.  It was originally a jam factory before
it was converted into a school.  This school was for pupils who hadn't quite attained the level of the 11+scholarship to go to Barnsley Girls' High School or Holgate Grammar school. Quite often if pupils did well at this school or the other which was called Longcar Central school, they would be transferred to the High school or the Grammar school to continue their education.
Locke Park, Barnsley.
A typical shop, this shop was still open until quite recently in Dodworth Road, Barnsley
The Band Stand in Locke Park, Barnsley.  I can remember my mum taking me to the concerts which were held every Sunday afternoon.  Many a couple met their future spouse at these concerts.


It is hard to believe that this is Market Hill, it is completely different to how it looks today.  No Town Hall, which was opened by The Prince of Wales (later to become the uncrowned King Edward V111) in


Wombwell High Street.