Welcome to Barnsley.


This very old photo/print was taken before the Town Hall was built (it was opened in 1933), I would guess that it was taken c1900-1910

A view of the war memorial, which appears to have been taken from Barnsley Technical College, I guess the date to be c1970's

Painting of  Cheapside, Barnsley

Another view of Cheapside, Barnsley.

Cheapside No 3


The Fair in Barnsley Town Centre.

The "Good Old Days", when Barnsley Market was outdoors.

A beautiful painting, of people lining up on each side of part of the outdoor market.  I don't know the date, but I would guess that it was before the 1920's

The old outdoor fish market, my mum always went to Coe's to buy her fish.


This photo appears to have been take C1930, Taylor's chemist on the left of the photo, later became Timothy White's and Taylor's.

Peel Square C1970

A postcard in memory of the tragic day which became to be known as "Black Barnsley", children were trying to gain entry to the Harvey Institute which later became known as the Public Hall and later the Civic Hall.

I find this to be a fascinating photo of old Barnsley, I don't know the date, but it appears that there are tram lines in the road.  The Harvey Institute covers the main part of the photo, to the right is a shop which I can remember, selling anything from string to buckets.

I really like this postcard, showing St. Mary's Parish Church, with the old coat of arms of Barnsley.

Another old photo of St. Mary's church, Church Street.  Nearly all my family's baptisms, weddings and funerals have taken place here.

St. George's Church, Barnsley, sadly it was demolished a number of years ago.

A very poignant photograph, the caption explains it all.


Barnsley Town Hall had only been opened for two years when this photograph was taken.

Her Majesty The Queen visits Barnsley on the 12th December 1986.  In the foreground is Stan Bulmer, a well known Barnsley photographer.

Barnsley Mining and Technical College (as it was when this photo was taken).  The corner of the beautiful Town Hall gardens can be see to the left of the photo.

This building originally was Barnsley Grammar School, when the new Holgate Grammar School was built on Shaw Lane, Barnsley, this building became an annexe to Beckett Hospital.  I can remember my Auntie Mary being a patient in her.

Holgate Grammar School, Shaw Lane, Barnsley.

Barnsley Girls' High School.  The area in front of the photo is now very different.  This building has now been converted into flats, fortunately the frontage is protected, it being a grade 2 listed building, therefore protected.

The Obelisk, situated at the junction of Old Mill Lane - to the right, Huddersfield Road to the front, Victoria Road to the left, approaching from Church Street, Barnsley.  These obelisks were landmarks for travellers, this one was demolished in 1932.  To the left is Obelisk House and I can remember it being occupied up to the early 1960's.


Situated at the bottom of Victoria Road, Barnsley.


Beckett Hospital served Barnsley for many years, my grandad Waterson was taken here after he had been killed at the New World Concrete Works on Carlton Road Barnsley.  The hospital was closed around 1977.

The Park at Town End Barnsley - called locally "Sparrows Park".

This building was changed into a Picture House, and called "The Pavilion", affectionately known as "The Pav".  It was burned down  c1950 and eventually a super market was built on the site.


This photograph is of the old Barnsley Mining and Technical College which is situated by St. Mary's Church on Church Street, Barnsley.  Stan was a lecturer here for many years.