New Family Photos

Little brother, Lewis with big sister, Hannah, two of my brother's grandchildren.

Hannah, Lewis, James and Brandon.  Our great niece and three great nephews.

My sister, Elizabeth, 60 years old and proud of it.

Cousin Anne at a family get together

"Hello cousin"

Spencers Arms - Cawthorne.

My cousin, Julie with her Uncle Jack.

Brandon, James and Hannah, our great nephews and niece - carrying on the family tradition  - three cousins


My cousin, Betty Martin.

My cousin David - he lives in Washington DC

Our grandson, Kieron with our son Michael - Uncle and Nephew.


Exchanging their vows.  These photos are in the wrong order. Our niece, Alison and her new husband, Charles Boffard, who were married in Johannesburgh 7th July 2012

Above, a proud dad, my brother John, giving the bride away.



Planning their wedding.  Alison and Charles

Our lovely niece, Alison with her dog Leo.  Alison lives in South Africa

We do have some lovely nieces, Sarah and Helen - sisters.

My niece, Helen, with her mum, my sister Elizabeth at Ascot.

Elizabeth at Ascot.

Our great nephew, Lewis, my brother's grandson, wearing his grandad's cap.


Our Julie with her dad, Philip in Deal, Kent.

In the park, Julie with her dad.

My cousin, Julie, I call her "young cus" and she calls me "ol' cus.

My dad, Scarborough, this is my favourite photo of him.  Bless him, he is missed so much.