The first photograph is of my Grandma aged 20 years old, she is holding their first child Sarah Ellen, born in 1912.  The other photo is my Grandad taken during the First World War, around 1915.

The music I have chosen especially for my mum Norah, when she was born her dad chose her name, the tune is well known as Maggie, but it was originally called Norah.      Below is the cap badge ot the Yorks and Lancs Regiment, in which Jack served, during World War 1



The photo below is of my Great Grandma Waterson (nee Sarah Quinn), she was born in Ireland in 1865, the girl standing by her side is Maggie Wood, I believe that she is a cousin of my Grandad Waterson.  It is hard to believe that my great grandma was only in her early 50's when this was taken.


The first photo is of my Grandma, Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) Feeley (nee Wood) taken shortly before she died at the age of 52, the second photo is of the Feeley family, my dad (James~Jim) is on his mother's knee.  


                 Both sets of my grandparents had very hard lives, which was often the case, in those days.  My Grandad Waterson was killed on the 11 October, 1919, whilst working at the New Era concrete works, my Grandma was only 27 years old,  they had four little girls, Sarah aged seven, Annie aged five, my mother, Norah, aged 3 and Mary aged 10 months.  They lived from the poor box of Saint Mary's Church, until they were awarded meagre compensation, my Grandma then went to work for Hickson, Lloyd and King, weavers of Barnsley linen, which was famous in those days.

 My Grandma Feeley didn't have an easy life either, Tom, her husband was not the most diligent of workers.  In fact my dad used to say that if he broke a boot lace, that would be a good enough excuse for him not to go to work.  Tragedy struck the Feeley family, in 1928, Mary died from blood poisoning when she was 17 years old.





My grandad Waterson sent dozens of cards from France to my Grandma and his four little girls.  Below is one he sent to my mum on the back it says,

"Just a plain card to my little love, Norah, from Dada" x x x x x