More photos 40/50's

The photographs on this page have been kindly donated by Michael John Fisher - member of the Yorkshire Expats' Forum

This is how I remember tea time when I was a child.  The old black range fire place, the same type of mantlepiece with a vase on either end with the clock in the middle.

Sunday tea at Grandma's, the trifle in pride of place on the table and the cake stand.

The wallpaper and general decor of this room are typical of the 1950's.

I love this photo it shows how children and young people were dressed in the 1950's

Taking baby out for a walk, people would dare not walk in the middle of the road, this day and age, this proves how little traffic there was on the roads.

Children playing, just look how the little boy is dressed down to his white socks.


A typical photo of the 1950's  I love the fashions.

I would guess that this was a Christmas tea with the family or even a Christmas party.

Take a look at the Christmas tree on the sideboard and the radio by the side of it.


My grateful thanks to Michael John Fisher for allowing me to use these photographs.