Our Jack and Tony as toddlers, I was still in the pram.

Sadly they have both passed away - Tony ( on the right) 2nd July 2008, Jack - 16th March 2012

I miss them.

20th August 1994 at my brother John and Lynda's wedding - always together.


Last Christmas we stayed with our daughter, son-in-law and our grandson, Kieron, we were sitting round the table chatting when Kieron suddenly said, "Grandad I am taking you fishing in Scotland".  He said he would do all the driving, this brought me up short, it only seems like yesterday that Stan was introducing Kieron to fishing.  

As I have written about in another chapter, Stan and Kieron are called "The Old Man and the Boy", courtesy to Robert Ruark who wrote this wonderful book.  Just to recap, this book is based in North Carolina, the old man teaches the boy the philosophy of life in such a subtle way that the boy does not realise it, the old man takes the boy fishing, turkey hunting just to name a couple of these activities.  He slowly introduces the boy to what is right and what is wrong, for instance after a very successful fishing trip, the boy on reaching home wants to collapse into bed.  The old man has other ideas, "boy" he says, "when you have had such a good day, bringing home lots of food, then this needs to cleaned".  The boy groans, all he wants is to go to sleep, however he gives the old man a hand, this is teaching him that a job once started has to be finished, this is just one example of the lessons that the old man teaches the boy.  Stan has always made Kieron help in the cleaning etc., of any fish, pheasants and geese.  (b.t.w) I hate guns and I don't approve of shooting, but I have to say that everything that The Old Man and the Boy has brought home have been eaten but not by me.

The date of the fishing expedition was fixed for the end of April, for four months phone calls were exchanged planning this much anticipated trip, I don't think that Scott of the Antartic, took as much preparation.

Below are some photographs which were taken on the River Spey in Scotland, neither of them caught any fish, but they had a wonderful time, just the two of them.  Fishing all day, back to the hotel,showered and a pint before their evening meal showered and a pint before their evening meal.
.      and you can stop laughing. 


The old man's boy grows up.


Just having a breather.

The "Old Man's Boy" grows up.

Scotland, April - 2012

From this to the above - The Boy.



Cambridge, October 2009, it hardly seems to be three years since we visited our grandson, Kieron, whilst he was studying at Cambridge University.