Shortly before my mum and dad were married, he was sent to Stradishall, Suffolk, to work on an airfield, being a bricklayer he had no choice but to go.  My mum at the time was working as a weaver at the linen mill, Hickson, Lloyd and King which was based at Redbrook, she managed to go down to Suffolk to see him.  Here are some photographs of her in Stradishall, the quality is poor, they are very old.

Dad is wearing the white shirt and braces.  I don't know who the other men are, they all worked together, I wonder who owned a camera, I know my mum and dad could not have afforded one.


Here she is, riding a bike round the village.

This is the lovely little cottage where my dad lodged during his stay in Stradishall.

My mum out for a walk with my dad.

Here she is again, collecting water from the village pump.

  I never knew that my mum could horse ride.



Mum watching the haymaking.


They never forgot the time they spent together in Suffolk, they had an idea that war was on the horizon, but never dreamt that they would be parted for four years.

Dad is at the front, sitting on a sign post.

Mum and dad with a friend.

 Mum and Dad on the moors -1933


Forty years on


Music "Everything I do, I do it for you".