To return to the flood, it was a miracle that it had happened when it had, if it had been a few hours later, then all we children would have been on our way to school. the flood in Burton Grange in 1946, The flood was caused by the canal at Monk Bretton, bursting it's banks and the water gushed down to the lowest point, which is where we lived. There could have been a real tragedy,
it was bad enough all of our furniture being ruined, all the baby clothes, which my mother had so lovingly knitted were ruined and most of my clothes as well. They were always kept downstairs, where it was warmer. Help came at last, and I climbed out of the back bedroom window, with the help of a fireman and I was rowed across the back garden

I recently found a notebook, which contained some of my mum's memories, which she had written in 1992, she writes about the flood and how it affected her, I have put it into another chapter of the website.



Lang Avenue, Burton Grange, Flood, November 1946


to the railway embankment, where people were standing, eager to help. All I had on, in the form of clothes, was my nightie and a hat, which I had been given, I looked behind and saw my mother being helped out of the window, and I learned afterwards (about 10 years) that Dad had whispered to the fireman that Mum was pregnant and she was too shy to mention it herself. That was the last they saw of me all day, notices were posted in all the shops in Lundwood, "Has anybody seen Mary Feeley"?
A very kind lady called Mrs. Hayes had taken me in and dressed me in her daughter Enid's clothes.
We were re-united in the early evening of that very distressing day. My mother ended up in St. Helen's Hospital with bronchitis, and shortly afterwards my brother John was born on the 20 February, 1947, this was the year of the big freeze, the winter to end all winters.


This is probably duplicated, I have just acquired the above photograph.