Austin is known as one of the most exciting foodie cities in the country. From innovative gourmet food trucks to eclectic fine dining spots, the Bat City has a never ending selection of restaurants to choose from.

Recently, pasta and pizza has exploded in the food scene. As such, Austin Italian food spots for lunch and dinner are extremely popular. This article will explain why Italian food in Austin is so popular with the intention to help people find their next favorite eating spot.

Austin Italian Food Hot Spots are Ideal for Any Occasion.

It’s hard to find a restaurant ideal for any occasion. Why would you want to, you may wonder. Imagine finding your favorite new restaurant but it isn’t appropriate for elegant occasions, or it may only be suitable for a casual get-together. Many people like the idea of their favorite restaurant being a place they can go to regardless of the occasion, and Austin Italian food offers dining spots that will facilitate any event.

Italian restaurants in Austin are perfect for upscale special occasions such as an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. When it comes to all the Michelin star restaurants in the world, a large number of them are in fact Italian. Fine dining and Italian food are synonymous due to the hand-made pastas, intricate sauces, and complex appetizers and salads.

Italian restaurants are also perfect for romantic date nights. One highlight to any date is the wine list. Austin Italian restaurants are known for having some of the most exotic wine lists in the state of Texas, let alone the country. If you are looking for a great date spot, seek out Austin Italian food in a restaurant that offers an intimate atmosphere.

Austin Italian restaurants are also perfect for lunch, or for a social hang with friends. They are also great for after-work dinners with colleagues.

Italian Restaurants have the Best Pizza in Austin

Pizza is the dominant takeout food in the country, but most people have yet to discover pizza from Italian restaurants in Austin. Many of the Austin Italian food spots have brick or stone ovens fiving the pizza that amazing bake, texture and taste straight out of Italy. Pizzas from italian restaurants are also known for using san marzano tomatoes and a high quality mozzarella that give an authentic taste of the Mediterranean that no big chain pizza joint cna come close to matching.

Italian Restaurants Tend to Have More Live Entertainment

Italian restaurants are known for having more live entertainment that other dining establishments due to the tradition associated with Italian hospitality. And because Austin is a city known for live entertainment in of itself, Austin Italian restaurants are extremely popular for the live music. From Italian disco to opera singers, find an italian restaurant that offers live entertainment that pairs well with the food, the wine, and your perfect occasion.