When a woman becomes a mother, she undergoes various changes at a physical, emotional and social level; your lifestyle is transformed. Through time, the role of mom has changed. Currently, the focus is on the virtues that define her as a super mom.

Women have the capacity to be heroines by nature, because they are neurologically interhemispheric, that is, they can do several things at the same time correctly, since both cerebral hemispheres (right and left) are linked together by the so-called body callous; A woman can be busy designing a project and at the same time take care of her son, know when is his soccer training and his appointment to dental work in Mexico without even looking at his schedule.

It is for this brain question that mothers in single-parent families, where the mother fulfills the function of father and mother. At the same time, she can be divided: provide the children with love, affection, affection, mark limits and give protection in all the senses.

A mother may have different potentials, different subpersonalities and therefore different ways of functioning: strict, protective, unconcerned or democratic control; There are countless ways of being a mother, realizing the attitude that you use most often gives the possibility to observe and analyze if it works in raising your children. Knowing what range will allow you to integrate and use your tools when necessary and in the best way. Here the example of two classes:


Do you like to be flying around your child to supervise and be aware of what you need or can happen?
Can not you tolerate something happening to your child and you always keep an eye on it at a distance, but watching to protect it from any unpleasant person or event?
Do you go behind your son with the plate and the spoon so that when he opens his mouth you give him a spoonful of soup, he will not die of starvation, since he does not want to sit down to eat?
Conclusion: These types of moms are all of the overprotective styles, they generate in their children low self-esteem, an absence of limits and especially low or no tolerance to frustration.


Are you aware of everything your child needs, but often feel guilty for not being the best mom?
Are you very demanding with your child, impose strict rules and limits in favor of a good education?
Do you motivate your children, give explanations according to their age, potentiate their development by playing and interacting with them and if any difference arises, do you negotiate with them to solve problems?
Conclusion: These types of moms put interest and demand equally; They negotiate with their children, there are motivation, clear limits with discipline and love. It is the most recommended style for proper aging.