In all families there are differences of opinion among its members, which can create problems in the home, think for example of a decision you want to make to improve your life such as having a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico with A Slimmer Me  and you are already correctly informed about the subject and her aunt arrives to question him on the subject when she does not know anything about medicine, and some get offended and fight over those or minor issues. And it is that when there is closeness between the members of a family we realize that all have thorns and are hurt by the spines of those who are closer, as we get more intimate with the intention of warming ourselves, the thorns that we have been cutting and touching even in the most subtle but still painful way.

The interpretation of the world and its wounds is different for each member of your family. It is fantastic to see, for example, how in the same family, although all children have received the same education, the same love, the same care of their parents, each is taking paths and ways of being opposed. But all are conditioned and influenced by their experiences.

It is painful when you perceive in your environment that other people or family groups close to yours can have relationships as you would like and you do not. At that moment it is possible for you to feel a heart-rending scream inside, which tells you that neither you nor the others can change and that you are condemned to remain in that feeling of pain and helplessness.

Initially, you can fight to achieve what you crave, and sometimes with a sense of awareness and strong inner work is made. However, it can not ignore the hidden conditions and the way each one interprets each experience. Each member of their family has an internal observer which conditions each of the participants of each relationship. The most complicated work is to accept that everyone is in permanent evolution and that the transformation of the other does not depend on you.

What happens then when your expectations clash with your reality? Then increases your frustration and your despair. A discussion with a member of your family can cause an emotional crisis and deep wounds that are hard to heal. This process of detaching ourselves with love from our relatives can take years. Learning the handling of emotions is increasingly complicated, when by closeness and love, pain increases in the midst of conflict.