What are the things that all parents should know before undertaking what is said to be “the most important job in life”?

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1. Connect and tune in with him

To help your children feel safe from the start of their lives, you must connect and tune in to them, while also establishing clear and consistent boundaries.

Your goal should be to establish a relationship that allows you to know or what your child needs at a certain time, what you are thinking and feeling.

Do you need it? Or do you need a little space? You have to be prepared to know what it is you want.

If the relationship is tuned, then the child will feel safe and can handle the difficulties in the external world.

There is a lot of evidence to show that children who do not get this in the first 1,000 days of their life do not develop a good capacity for attachment.

And moments of shared joy are also important because they will make you feel good as a parent, and they will help in communication and interaction with your child.

2. Take care of your own mental health

You should be aware of what causes you stress, anxiety or depression.

Do you have a support network, be it your partner, friends, family or local parent meetings?

Make sure you have support because this will make you feel less isolated, because you will have room to vent.

For working parents it can be really stressful to balance parenting with a job.

But if we feel calm and calm, if we feel mentally well, we can better support our children.

3. Do not overflow your days with activities

Give your children time and space.

We often want to fill their days with activities when in reality we should take our foot off the accelerator and try to just “be”.

Too many activities, however, exert pressure and expectations on the child. That does not allow them to have the space to be themselves and become aware of themselves.

We often live in the modality of “hurried” and not in the modality of “being”.

If we have space, both in time and in our mind, we can listen to what our children say, either verbally or nonverbally.

This way, the child will be more likely to talk about his feelings.