New experiences can be scary like going to New Age Dental Tijuana for dental implants for the first time and for a woman, the first child is a completely ambivalent experience; Although it is beautiful, miraculous and special, it is also tired, emotional and extremely difficult. Believe me, you do not need to be there to make things worse. As a good mother you have to take care not only the health of your baby, but also yours. You have to go with the gynecologists.

“When is the second?” Is he serious? Barely and can you with a baby … can you imagine that he is really thinking of another? If you have enough energy to have sex, I doubt you’ll take advantage of it for THAT. Also, what do you know, what if it took a lot of work to have a baby? If the couple wants more and they know they can not, you will make them feel bad. Leave the questions so invasive for another time.
“Maternity licence? What a father it is to be on vacation “Of course, having a baby means holidays … but it also entails not sleeping, caring for a newborn, and recovering from a cesarean. Vacation you said? Ha!
“You look tired” I think you wanted to say: “You look good”. Because you can only say good things about a new mom’s appearance: either it looks good, or it looks amazing. Point. It is obvious that she is tired! Why stress something that will not make you feel good?
“You’re breastfeeding, right?” There are women who can not do it because of medical problems … and many will feel emotionally bad because they can not breastfeed their baby. For that reason, it is not fair that you assume that every woman can do it, and if you hurt sensibilities?
“My baby NEVER cried” What a good story! Let’s go back to reality and talk about how ALL babies cry for any little thing and throw tantrums when they are only a few weeks old. It’s good to brag, but you also have to be realistic.
“They’ve already had sex again” Ok, the vagina of a woman who has just given birth is a war zone. Believe me, you are not applying all the tips of 50 Shades of Gray, you are trying to stay awake during your conversation.
“Enjoy every moment” Yes, there is love, love, new emotions and incredible moments, but we must not forget that a new mom is living a difficult situation; it is a roller coaster of emotions; Sometimes he will enjoy it, sometimes he will hate it. You will want to enjoy it, but you really can not do it with your 5 senses.