It is interesting how now millions of homes are formed by single-parent families. Of them, the vast majority have a woman at the head with one or several children, leading associations to claim the inclusion of the term single parent. They do so not only because of the growing trend of this family model, but also to make it possible to see that even though it is common that just an adult person is at the head of the family unit, there are a number of conditions that by the simple fact of being Women make them face greater difficulties, from home expenses, their children’s education, and their health, since a simple trip to the dentist can be very expensive if you don’t have near Dental 6ta & E.

We start with greater discrimination. All ready for the fact of being women it seems that we are penalized, but if we add questions such as being an immigrant, having a disability or not having training, vulnerability is increasing. At the political and social level, it is assumed that we are the mothers the caretakers and the ones that have to take the ship afloat.

Reconciliation and housing, two of the biggest concerns
If conciliation is a utopia for families with two parents, in the case of single parents they face greater difficulties to be able to make their double responsibility compatible, because the invisible work of care always adds paid work outside the home, a job many times with impossible schedules and without the possibility of reducing the days. We start with the fact that it is more difficult to find a job for a woman or get a job promotion because we have less time. Neither can we accept a reduction in working hours because it is not feasible because it implicitly implies a decrease in wages that not all families can afford? Every day we juggle to reach everything. It’s like living in a permanent background career, but without having anyone to give him the relief at any time.

A young single mother mentions: although she enjoys total and absolute freedom to decide about the issues of her son’s life and a support network, raising alone is hard. And the conciliation is the highest difficulty she finds in her condition as a single mother: Reconciliation in itself is a generalized problem, but for us, it is even more complicated. To take your son to the doctor or to stay with him at home you have to pull your vacations, which are not endless and although my parents are young and help me; it is true that elementary things of everyday life Sometimes they become a world.

Along with the labor and economic difficulties is also the fear of suffering a severe illness or an accident, even the idea of ??death is more potent in the case of single-parent families