We all know that being a mother is a unique experience in life, however you should not take the league, that’s why if you think about having children just because everyone wants you to have or not feel alone, We list some of the problems that mothers have, that maybe you do not know, all this written by a mother:

Sometimes we feel lonely
Yes, we are always accompanied by our children. But the human being is sociable by nature, and as women, we also need to talk and spend time with other adults (or at least already know how to speak and we can have a conversation). Staying at home with the children gives us days where there is always something to do, but can be very lonely.

Your body is no longer the same
Yes, although many try to deny it, sometimes you need some Plastic Surgery Tijuana if you want to have the body of your youth again.

We do not have free time – it’s not a vacation
The reaction of many people to know that a mother stays at home with children is that they think we rest all the time or think we do not do anything. But this could not be further from reality. Staying at home is not a vacation, in fact, it is the opposite of having a holiday because work at home and with the children never ends and here there is no schedule in which our journey ends.

We would like to be called occasionally
This goes hand in hand with that feeling of loneliness that sometimes invades us. We know that our friends and acquaintances have other responsibilities and issues to attend, but it would be good that from time to time they are them and not only we who do our best to maintain communication. A call or a message from time to time, it would help us to remind ourselves that we are not alone.

We do not believe that we are better mothers
Some people believe that mothers who stay at home think they are better than those who continue their working life after having children. But in reality, none is better than the other. Everyone does things the way they do best for her and her family, and I think there is not even a point of comparison between the two. We all make it incredible.

Sometimes we need a break
As I mentioned, it’s not a vacation, and although having a child is one of the greatest joys in the world, we also need a break. A free afternoon, a day to take a nap of three or four hours, are small things that would make us very happy.