In recent times we have seen how life expectancy has increased thanks to the evolution of food and medicine. One of the most frequent problems of the grandparents is the fall of the teeth, instead of having a denture the most modern option is dental implants Tijuana Mexico.

We have not been educated in an environment in which oral health is taken care of, and it is for this reason that many of them have one of these two problems in their mouths:

– loss of teeth

– periodontal disease

The lucky ones keep some of their teeth, but these suffer periodontitis and move. In the same way, they are usually hooked on the prosthesis with which they replace the lost teeth, so it is highly recommended that they are checked every four months to prevent the appearance of large cavities and make assessments of how the periodontal system is the teeth on which the prosthesis rests. If necessary, treatments such as curettes or root scaling will be performed.

Most “grandparents” lack all their teeth and usually have complete prosthetics. These prostheses need to be adjusted and adapted every so often (every 18 months) to make them as comfortable as possible. It has to be known that this type of prosthesis mismatches because the gums and bones change shape and go “shrinking.” In such a way that there is less and less gum on which to retain the prosthesis.

This produces movement of the same, mismatch. It causes a lot of insecurity when talking and especially when chewing. Finishing by generating an absolute deterioration of oral digestion and multiple friction ulcers. It is therefore essential that we try to at least chew without the prosthesis moving, and for this, we have dental implants.


Dental implants are not only used to replace missing teeth but can also be used to retain prostheses. The way to use them would be the following:

– Two implants would be placed in the chin area (this is an area where there is always enough bone to be able to put two implants that help retention).

– When the implants are integrated (about three months later), a ball or locator system is placed on them to click on the denture.

– A denture is made with the male system opposite to that carried by the implants to be fixed on them.

Of course, our elders are sometimes reluctant to this type of treatment. My grandmother, without going any further, could have enjoyed it much earlier if she had “dared,” but in the end, she decided when she stopped being able to chew when her diet was so impoverished that her diabetes got worse when she got out of the mouth the prosthesis in each conversation. Finally, with 83 years, he dared and still regrets, yes, but had not done it before. Seeing her eat normally and not complaining about ulcers is the best satisfaction I have.

Well, at least we get the overdenture for our grandparents who deserve it all.