Whether it’s your first date with your new, special person or you’ve had more than 10 dates now, making each date night memorable is paramount to building a meaningful relationship. And Valentine’s Day is always the time for the gold-standard date night to shine. Conversation, atmosphere, drinks and food all play individual roles to creating an amazing Valentine’s Day Austin date. But as the city has endless options for dining and happy hours, how do you find the perfect spot that will meet the challenges of Valentine’s Day?

This article will help couples searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day Austin spot find the ideal place for food and drink with an ambiance that will add to creating amazing memories.

Valentine’s Day Happy Hour Austin

The perfect way to kick off your Valentine’s Day celebration is with an amazing Happy Hour Austin spot for great deals on fun and exciting drinks and small bites before having dinner. A great happy hour Austin spot will normally run Monday through Friday 3PM to 6PM, offer discounts on beer, wine and cocktails, and feature a menu item at a discount of 20 percent or more. Happy hour Austin locations should include discounts on wine by the glass, or by the bottle, and if the happy hour is exceptionally good offer 50 percent off on house cocktails. Your happy hour should also include discounts on small bites and other food items that pair well with your beverage choice. Happy hour is all about leading up to the Valentine’s Day dinner while making you feel good by saving some money without skimping on quality.

Your French Restaurant Austin Valentine’s Day Date

Finding a French restaurant Austin offers that’s ideal for Valentine’s Day and happy hour doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it could be the same place you have your happy hour experience! First of all, of all the spots in the city that can incite romance, a French restaurant Austin spot is the ideal choice for couples with high standards and expectations, for a number of reasons. First, French food in Austin is more unique than other cuisines and offers a level of decadence that can’t be experienced in other venues. French food is rich, has depth, and is synonymous with passion.  

French restaurant Austin spots are also ideal because their menus accomodate all tastes and dietary needs. Vegetarians enjoy classic dishes like mushroom bourguignon and vegetarian cassoulets. For meat-eaters, steak tartare is a classic, and for seafood lovers mussels and fries are a classic staple, with crab remoulade as a delectable treat.

Book Ahead of Time

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for dining out. Be sure to contact a French restaurant Austin spot weeks in advance to secure a table and the amazing, special memory you are about to create.