Much has been said about the difficulties of having a new baby. Your ordinary and ordinary life changes completely; There is no sleep, there are fluids everywhere and you are stressed 24 hours a day. Yes, having a baby is difficult … but it also has its privileges. For example, there is happiness, intense love and a deep connection. But in this article we do not talk about it, we talk about the excuses that motherhood can offer us because, yes, we deserve them. Motherhood is very good, but you always have to worry about yourself, your health and your physical you have to go with your dentist for dental work in Tijuana Mexico with Samaritan Dental.

You can look bad, but badly bad: And to look bad you do not have to stay inside the house. You are allowed to leave your home with the same leggings, the same greasy horsetail, the same blouse stained with milk and the same tired eyes, regardless of the place. Moreover, even the moms in the supermarket will see you and try to help you.
You can be late to any place: Sure, you can be late to any place even if you do not have a baby, but thanks to your new motherhood, nobody can tell you anything about it. Being responsible for a small human being is the perfect excuse for not attending any event or simply being late.
Your house can be a mess: All the time. Instead of judging you, people will try to help you pick up diapers, toys, dirty clothes and gifts that they find lying around the room.
No one expects a call from you: In fact, no one waits for you to pick up the phone at all. You’re so busy that it does not matter if you do not give signs of life for months.
You do not have to remember anything: You have mom’s brain right now, so nobody expects you to remember everything they tell you. You can feel free to use this excuse and forget the birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations of family and friends.
The naps are justified: Was the visits enough? No problem! Just yawn, ask permission and go to sleep in your room. No one will be offended, on the contrary, they will support you completely.
You do not have to cook: You are keeping a person alive and, in most cases: on your own. So you can say goodbye to chopping onions, grinding avocados and frying meat. If you are taking care of the baby, let others do the rest.
You own the remote control: In the short time you will have free, you will be a queen. Possibly you end up sleeping in the armchair, but if you ask for a TV show or a movie, no one can deny it.