Post Box........ photo by Rita Rogers.


Free standing post box - photo by Rita Rogers.

The Alhambra Centre on the edge of town


This building used to be THE place to shop in Barnsley, Butterfields and Massies. This was the store where pupils from Barnsley Girls's High School had to to buy their uniforms ( I should say their parents did).



Cheapside in the centre of Barnsley.

The Yorkshire Traction Travel Offices ~ to the right is the entrance to the Bus Station.

Park Grove - a residential area of Barnsley, these houses are approximately 100 years old.  When I was young, it was known as a "posh" part of Barnsley, it still is a very pleasant place to live.

Locke House Barnsley, is a comparitively new building and houses part of the Department of Social Security.   

The YMCA Barnsley, which plays a very important part of in the lives of the young people of Barnsley and surrounding area.  To the top right of the picture (open windows) are the studios of YMCA Radio Barnsley.


Barugh Green, Barnsley.


Victoria Medical Centre

In my opinion, and I stress that it is my personal opinion, this is the best medical centre, there could be, the doctors and staff are so kind and helpful.

I have been with this General Practice since I was eleven years old, when I first became a patient, the set-up was far different to what it is today.  The surgery was an annexe built on Dr. Pick's house in Victoria Road.  Dr. Norris Pick was the chief partner ( he was a bad tempered man and I was terrified of him).  Dr. Douglas Thackray was the next in life and I loved him to bits, he was so kind, there were no computer records in those days, just a cardboard envelope in which our records were held.  I was very lucky when I was a child,mine was nearly empty.  The waiting room was very narrow and patients, waiting to see the doctor sat opposite each other on very uncomfortable wooden forms.

Mrs Winston was the receptionist and was very pleased when she was given a counter at the far end of the waiting room.  When it was nearly our turn, we would be called and we had to stand and wait in the dispensary, all kinds of potions in large bottles were on the shelves.

As I went into Dr. Thackray's surgery, I could not see him for smoke, he would be sitting at his desk, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, puthering smoke, he always used to say, "now then, lass, what can I do for you".   How times have changed.


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