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Arial view of Barnsley c 1966

Barnsley Bus Station C 1950's

Top of Market Hill - Barnsley c 1948

A view of Barnsley Town Hall from the bottom of Market Hill C 1948

Regent Street, Barnsley. c 1955

Barnsley Town Hall, the year I started work 1955

Darton Church Street, Barnsley c 1960

Bottom of Market Hill,  Barnsley C 1948

Sheffield Road, Barnsley c 1950

Staincross Parish Church.

The Paddock - Staincross 1955

Wombwell High Street, nr Barnsley c 1950

Many thanks to Friths Collection for allowing me to use these photographs.


I wonder how many people remember Bill Harber, the policeman who was regularly on point duty at the junction of Pontefract Road and Sheffield Road, Barnsley.   Bill was quite a character, his huge moustache made him famous.

This photograph of old Shambles Street, Barnsley, reminds me of my childhood.  In front of the Bill Board are Pinfold Steps, sadly these are now unrecognisable (another piece of history gone).  At the top of Pinfold Steps, I can remember some very old cottages, long since gone.  My cousins and I used to slide down the dividing wooden bar on the steps,, collecting very painful wooden spells on the way down, it didn't put us off, we always went back for more.

A distant view of Barnsley Town Hall, the building to the right of the photo is John Rideal House,  DSS.

Peel Square, Barnsley.


The altar at St. Mary's Church, Church Street, Barnsley.