I am glad that the "Powers that be", decided to restore this quaint part of Barnsley.  Many of our old buildings have been demolished, for the life of me, I cannot understand why, concrete monstrosities have replaced them, it is a crying shame and very short sighted.




Barnsley has a rich historical background, here is a little snippet


George Yard is a quiet back street of Barnsley, 

which runs down the side of the building which used to be Butterfields, 

(this was THE shop in Barnsley, and later to be named Butterfield and Massey's)

It had fallen into disrepair and until recently appeared to be sad and neglected, 

however, fortunately it is now the subject of restoration and regeneration.


George Yard was named after a Public House, named The George Inn, this was one of Barnsley's most famous Inns, and the entrance was in George Yard, which is one of our few remaining buildings of the 18th century. 

In it's heyday, there was stabling in the yard for up to 50 horses



Stones are still there which were placed to protect the wall 

from being damaged by carriages.

 The inn was kept by John Nicholson, in the latter part of the 1700's, and it is on record that he provided wine for Communion Services in church. 


The yard was also the site of a linen warehouse at the bottom end, 

above the doorway a beehive is carved, this dates back to 1873, 

and the initials CR are carved along with the date.


The linen warehouse was owned by the Rollinson family, who were very hard workers, Joseph Rollinson, who came from Ingbirchworth, moved into Barnsley at a young age and served his apprenticeship as a tailor. He married Ellen Woodruff, who was the daughter of a boot and shoe manufacturer.



The beehive was carved to symbolise their industrious nature, and thus became the trade mark and the name of the boot and shoe shop, it soon became famous throughout Yorkshire as one of the oldest boot and shoe businesses.

I hope that when George Yard is fully restored, it's quaintness will have been preserved.

The transformation of George Yard, Market Hill, Barnsley.



Photographs by courtesy of Tony (Barnsleywebsite).  Research by Mary Lipscombe before George Yard was completed

                                            music "In the Good old Summer Time"



Town End, Barnsley in the 1920's