Some of my favourite photos. Some of my favourite photos. My brother's 60th Birthday Party My two cousins, David Wood, the late Tony Hawley with his wife Anne. 58032318 60th Birthday Party Robbie, Sarah (My niece) Hannah and Great Auntie Mary. 58033556 Cuckoo Clock This photo was taken by Michael, May 2009 58125597 Surprise My brother John, with a present from his children, all five of them with his first grandchild, Jame. 58032830 Vapour Trail - Cawthorne 2009 This photo was taken by our son, Michael. 58040205 Cawthorne Park Spring 2009 58127077 Meg Our Springer Spaniel, she is 10 years old. 58127144 New Year's Eve Elizabeth and Mary at the Bruce Arms, Masham. My brother's pub. 58127531 New Year's Eve Lynda, Elizabeth and Mary. Bruce Arms, Masham 58127767 New Year's Eve The Three of Us - putting the world to rights. 58127896 Hannah Feeley Our first great niece. 58127336 Barugh Green 58481858 Kieron with Grandma - 25 November 2009 Our grandson came to see us today for a few hours, we had a lovely time. 60309233 Mary with Hannah Feeley Hannah was only five weeks old when she paid a surprise visit with her, mum, dad and grandad (my brother) 58224875 Jack and Ann's wedding day. 24th April 2011 151918488 Three cousins but more like brothers and sister. Our three mothers were sisters, this is the first photograph which was the first of many in nearly 70 years. 151918428 My daughter's 18th birthday party. February 1982 Jack, Elizabeth, my sister, cousin David, Me and Tony. 151918657 My cousin Jack 151918780 Jack and Ann 151918781 Jack 11th September 1938 - 16th March 2012 Missing you. 153440315 Anne My cousin Tony's wife, more like a sister. 153440316 189160109